Scythian gold

Southern Siberia is a land full of mysteries and secrets. Going on a tour "Scythian gold", you will see yourselves and appreciate the greatness of the ancient rulers of Siberia and will be able to enjoy all the winter beauty of the Sayan Mountains. The trip covers three territories: Krasnoyarsk Territory, Tuva, and Khakassia. You will visit Salbyk Kurgan (a burial mound) in the Valley of the Kings, descend into the grandiose halls of Borodinskaya cave, visit Shushenskoe Museum-Reserve, get acquainted with the life and crafts of Siberians, take a snowshoeing trip to the Hanging Stone in the Ergaki Natural Park, plunge into the world of shamanism and see the real gold of the Scythian kings in the National Museum of the Tuvan Republic. You will have your picture taken as a souvenir at the stele which symbolizes the "Centre of Asia", and finally, at the ethnocultural complex "Aldyn-Bulak"  you will spend the night in the yurt of Genghis Khan, mounted on a huge cart! None of the mentioned sights will leave you indifferent! You will get a lot of impressions by visiting the most interesting Siberian places in just 7 days!

Features of the route:

  • The route does not fall into a sports category of difficulty and is feasible to all physically fit people;
  • Children on the route are recommended to be aged 12 years and be accompanied by adults;
  • The combined route consists of active (descending into the cave, a hike to Ergaki) and excursion types of recreation;
  • Accommodation for the time of the tour: the hotel "Persona" in Abakan, the hotel "Novaya Derevnya", styled as a 19th-century hut and situated in the museum-reserve "Shushenskoe", alpine hut in the natural park "Ergaki", the hotel "Buyan Badyrgy" in Kyzyl, and a comfortable khan's yurt in the ethnocultural complex "Aldyn-Bulak".
  • Meals for the time of the tour are served in cafes and restaurants of hotels according to the programme, during the active part, tourists will cook meals together with an instructor.

It is possible to include additional excursions visiting the Tuvan Republic in the tour program: visiting a shepherd, riding a camel, antler farm in Turan, health procedures with taking antler baths, master classes in Shushenskoe Museum-Reserve, such as pottery, woodcarving, and others, an enhanced active part: skiing or a school for a beginner skier or snowboarder in Ergaki.

We will create a programme according to all your wishes!

Tour prices per person:

for a group of 2-3 people: 400 euro

for a group of 4-6 people: 300 euro

for a group of 7-9 people: 250 euro

Duration: 7 days / 6 nights

Season: October - April