The Ergaki mountain ridge is one of the most amazing nooks in the nature of the Western Sayan, and, perhaps, the best place for hiking in Russia. Giant granite peaks rise here right in the middle of the Siberian taiga. There are incredibly beautiful lakes with the purest spring water and many waterfalls. Our tours with accommodation in a campground near Lake Uyutnoe (Lake Cozy) offer an opportunity to connect with the greatness of nature, to feel ourselves an integral part of it, to absorb the power of the Siberian taiga! Tours are guided by professional instructors. Under their guidance, you will feel safe in these reserved areas, where a man is far from being a landlord.

Dates of arrivals (tours) to the "Pearl of Sayan" campground, 2021:

 June 11 - 18 

 Sayan landing force

 June 18 - 25 

 Globe flowers and glaciers

June 25 – July 2 

 Hello, summer!

 July 2 - 9 


 July 9 - 16 

  Bathing season

 July 16 - 23 

  Sayan fairy tale

 July 23 - 30 

  Diving into the mountains

 July 30 – August 6 

  Mountain tourism

 August 6 - 13 

 High summer season

 August 13 - 20

 School of survival

 August 20 - 27 

 Only old men are going into battle

 August 27  - September 3 

 Unity with nature

 September 3 - 10     

 Gold autumn

Note: The names of the seasons are conditional. They reflect the common impressions of the tourists who participated in the hiking tours to Ergaki.


8-days tour

(from Friday to Friday)


(from Sunday to Friday)

3-days tour

(from Friday to Sunday)

Standard (4-person tents installed on wooden floors with two double rooms and a large vestibule)

 145 euro

 115 euro

 50 euro

VIP main (2-person insulated tent, with a stove)

VIP additional (additional place in VIP)

 250 euro
 235 euro

 185 euro
 150 euro

 85 euro

Alpine hut (4-8-person insulated tent, size: floor diameter - 6 m, tent's height - 4,2 m, with a stove. Maximum capacity - 12 people)

 230 euro

 165 euro

 80 euro


The cost of the programme includes:

meeting / seeing off from the road to the campground during group arrivals according to the schedule; accommodation in a tent camp, according to the chosen option; 3 meals a day (on the route lunch-snack with tea and sandwiches); bathhouse (3 times according to the schedule - Saturday, Monday, Wednesday); work of instructors, excursions according to the programme; campfire equipment, tableware; accident insurance; evening and animation programme.

Note: transfer is not included.


Transfer from/to Abakan is paid additionally as may be necessary.

Our bus to Ergaki picks up tourists from the airport of Abakan at 8 am on Fridays and Sundays. You can get to the "Pearl Sayan" campground on your own by car or by bus following one of the routes: Krasnoyarsk-Kyzyl, Tomsk-Kyzyl, Abakan-Kyzyl to the visitor center of Ergaki Nature Park and then to the beginning of the eco-trail to Lake Raduzhnoe. Here you can leave your car and follow the 4 km trail to the camp on foot.

The tour programme includes visits to the following places: Rock Visyachy Kamen (Hanging Stone) , Lake Raduzhnoe (Lake Rainbow), Rock Sobachka (Rock Little Dog), Rock Kit (Rock Whale), the Zhemchuzhina Sayan waterfall (the Pearl of the Sayans Waterfall), the Tushkanchik river, the Mramorny (Marble) Waterfall (Tushkanchik), Lake Mramornoe (Lake Marble) (Tushkanchik), Uchitelei pass (Teachers' pass), Rock Oreshek (Rock Nut), Peak Molodezhny (Peak Youth), Lake Karovoe, Lake Khudozhnikov (Lake of Artists), Malachite bath, the Gornykh Dukhov Waterfall (the Mountain Spirits Waterfall), Lake of Gornykh Dukhov (Lake of Mountain Spirits), Rock Mladshy (Tolsty) Brother (Rock Younger Big Brother), Parabola pass, Lake Taezhny Glaz (Lake Taiga's Eye), Lake Azurnoe (Lake Azure).

If necessary, additional services are available (the service of carrying the tourists' baggage, services of Sherpas on the routes, an individual instructor, rental of tourist accessories).