is a land of steppes, mountains, and lakes. Its interiors hide untold riches, and the mouths of mysterious caves let us see the aforesaid with our own eyes! Khakassia is the birthplace of a wonderful people with a rich history and culture, which has taken over the heritage of many civilizations of the past. LLC "Altamira-Asia" invites you to get acquainted with the Pearl of Khakassia - Borodino cave and other wildlife sanctuaries in the South of Siberia.

Tourist complex “Borodino Cave”

In 2020, the Government of the Republic of Khakassia decided to create a tourist complex "BORODINO CAVE". The development of this route was entrusted to our team. Starting June 1, 2021, the first line of the route equipped for excursions will be launched. The length of the excursion trail is 450 m. It passes through the halls of Light, Ice-fall, Art gallery, Temple, and at the beginning of “Grandiose” grotto it goes back by a circular route.

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Southern Siberia is a land full of mysteries and secrets.

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The second variant of the excursion "Speleologist's Dream", lasting 4 hours, includes a circular route along the entire cave.